Have you ever heard of a condition called Fibromyalgia? It’s a disorder that’s characterized by almost constant pain in the muscle tissue of the body, that travels around to different parts of the body in Broomfield, Colorado.

It’s certainly not an uncommon disorder; as many as four million Americans can be experiencing Fibromyalgia at any given time. It does happen more to women than it does to men, and the thing about Fibromyalgia is that the pain moves. It’s different every day. People with Fibromyalgia have good days, and they have bad days, like any of us, but I suspect their highs and lows are a bit more extreme than what the rest of us are accustomed to experiencing.

Massage clients who come to me with Fibromyalgia will complain of pain in different parts of their body at different times in Broomfield, Colorado.

A client will come in and say that her back hurts one week, then the next week it’s her legs that hurt. The next time she comes in it’s her arms or her neck, and it’s not like she’s been working out at the gym with specific parts of her body, or doing anything to create that soreness; in medical terminology we call this pain “idiopathic,” which means we don’t know what’s causing it. Someone with Fibromyalgia is in near constant pain, we don’t know why; it’s certainly not something I can cure, but as a Massage Therapist I can help them cope with it. I can help them with their pain; sometimes they do better with less pressure, sometimes they do better with more, and it occurred to me to do some research to see where Fibromyalgia comes from.

In my research, I turned up a curious finding. Fibromyalgia often results from a traumatic event, even in Broomfield, Colorado.

Some people develop Fibromyalgia after a motor vehicle accident; they can develop it from emotional trauma, like being separated from their mother for six months or longer; and most notably Fibromyalgia is often a result of childhood abuse. Children who are abused grow up to become adults with Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are very closely linked. In fact, there have been some experts who say that Fibromyalgia and PTSD are one and the same in Broomfield, Colorado.

The same thing. Some say that Fibromyalgia is just a physical manifestation of PTSD, and when you consider the two disorders, they have quite a few symptoms in common: The chronic fatigue, irritability; Fibromyalgia often includes a “brain fog,” where people are not clear. This happens in PTSD as well. They also both share the symptom of insomnia; people don’t sleep well. If they sleep at all, they don’t get much rest from the sleep.

So, this is not something that I can necessarily heal, if you have Fibromyalgia, but I can help you cope with it, and I know I can help you to get some sleep.
I’m Mark with Vital Touch, and I hope to see you soon. Maybe I can give you some relief. Thanks for watching.

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