It’s not commonly known that there is a code of ethics for massage therapists. Now why is there a code of ethics?

To me, it really springs forth from the client’s vulnerability , not only in the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client, but also the vulnerability on the table in Broomfield, Colorado.

This requires massage therapists to behave themselves in a certain way, hence the code of ethics. For this discussion I have chosen the code of ethics set forth by the American Massage Therapy Association, the AMTA, because it’s very succinct.
The first provision is to demonstrate the highest quality of work to all who seek my service. Now what does that mean? It means that I take care of myself, I do lots of self care not just for my body but also for my mind and my heart so I can provide better service to all who seek it. I watch my nutrition; that’s necessary to keep my body strong so I can serve my clients.
Number two is to acknowledge the inherent worth of each individual and not behave in a discriminatory manner or prejudicial manner to those who seek my services.
What that means is my table is open to anyone: Any gender, any race and any creed. All are welcome on my table.
The third provision is to demonstrate professional effectiveness by regular assessment of strengths, weaknesses and limitations and continued professional training
Don’t come to me for prenatal; I’m not a prenatal therapist. If you’re pregnant I’m not your guy. If you’re abused, I’m your guy. This just feeds back into the scope of practice; we’ll get into that another video. Talk to you soon!

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