The next provision is that I will conduct my business within the scope of my practice, and in accordance with all local and regional statutes.

What’s scope of practice? Scope of practice means that I limit myself to my body of knowledge in Broomfield, Colorado.

What that means is I work with muscles, soft tissue. I work with muscles and tendons and ligaments and a connective tissue called fascia. if you need work having to do with the position of your bones, I’m going to refer you to a Chiropractor. That’s outside the scope of my practice. I’m not trained to adjust your spine, so I’m not gonna do it. But if your issue has to do with soft tissue, I’m your guy.
The next secton of the massage therapist code of ethics says I will refrain from all sexual activity and/or sexual intercourse with clients during the course of the massage session and that means that the energy that I have with my clients needs to be very, very clear; entirely clear Do clients get aroused? Yes it happens. Sometimes I catch that energy. If that happens I can no longer work with the client.
The last section of the code of ethics that I’m going over with you says that I won’t misrepresent my training, the services that I provide, and the scope of my practice in all advertising.
When I do my videos I talk about what I do, I don’t talk about things I don’t do or are not qualified to do. It feeds back into the whole scope of practice idea. I don’t talk about prenatal massage because I’m not trained in prenatal massage. I can work with people who are pregnant, but I’m definitely not a prenatal therapist. That seems ethical to me. Talk to you next time.
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