Hi, this is Mark with Vital Touch. Those of you who live here in the Denver area may have noticed we get a lot of sunny days every year, and a lot of people are out enjoying the weather on their bicycles in Broomfield, Colorado.

We see a lot of bicyclists around here. Some do it just for transportation; when I lived in Boulder I found that bicycling was an easier way to get around town than driving a car. And there are those, of course, who do longer rides for charity, and we have our fair share of racers. There’s a very popular area in Boulder for training for bicycle races.

So what does bicycling do to the human body in Broomfield, Colorado?

Let’s think about the position in which a bicyclist finds themself. They find themselves hunched over, it stretches out the back, it can be very hard on the back, the chest muscles are kinked up, holding the arms forward, muscles like pectoralis major, pectoralis minor. Now look what’s going on with my head. If I’m looking up to see the road, it kinks up the suboccipitals at the base of the skull.
As far as the lower body is concerned, the legs are of course pedaling. Pushing down on the pedals requires certain muscles, most notably the hamstrings, and of course the quadriceps to lift the leg for the next pedal. People who race pull the pedal stroke through the entire revolution. So they tend to really develop muscles that are below the knee, most notably soles and gastrocnemius, and they have special pedals to accommodate that.

So that’s what bicycling does to the body; it’s very easy for me to address that as a Massage Therapist.

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