The weather in the Denver area is generally sunny and pleasant, and many people like to get out and enjoy the weather, even in Broomfield, Colorado.

Some choose to do this on bicycles, or with hiking, or with water sports, and others choose jogging. What does jogging do to the body?

The most obvious part of the body effected by jogging would be the legs, or what is medically called the lower extremities, so it’s very easy to focus there, but there are other parts of the body effected as well in Broomfield, Colorado.

The human spinal column is made up of a series of smaller bones called vertebrae.

Typically people have 24 of them that go from the base of the skull down to the bottom of the low back, right above the hip girdle. These vertebrae are separated by cartilaginous structures called intervertebral discs. They have a variety of purposes; they create space between the vertebrae so that there’s room for nerves to enter and exit the spinal cord. They also provide cushioning for impact to the vertebrae, which comes into play during jogging. This leads to a sore back, this can lead to nerve impingement if an intervertebral disc gets damaged, but the musculature is very easy for me to address as a Massage Therapist.

Also, joggers tend to swing their arms while jogging to maintain balance.

So this effects the shoulders, and feeds right up into the neck. This is relatively easy for me to address as far as the musculature is concerned. If you’re having problems with the vertebrae themselves I’ll refer you to a Chiropractor, because that’s outside the scope of my practice.
I can also help you with Plantar Fasciitis, so if you’re having that or similar problems, feel free to contact me at 303.819.0097, I would be happy to help you. Thanks for watching.

I will visit your home or office in and around Broomfield, Colorado and the surrounding Denver Metro area.  I can be reached at 303.819.0097.

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