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I am neither a Doctor nor a Counselor, and I am not qualified to diagnose or treat conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  If you are having a psychiatric emergency, and/or suspect that you are a threat to yourself or others, please call one of the following numbers:

Colorado Crisis Services 1-844-493-TALK (8255)

Centennial Peaks Hospital 303.666.2088

Or simply call 911 and get the help you need.

Thank you for taking care of yourself!

Do you long to sleep through the night?

Do you hope for a normal night’s sleep, or are you afraid to sleep, remembering what happened last time, the nightmares and flashbacks?

The Massage and Meditation services I offer will facilitate peaceful sleep.

What triggers you?

Do you find yourself afraid of what the day will bring, even avoiding contact with the outside world so you don’t get triggered?
What if you could go about your day without the fear of these things happening?
The healing services I offer enable you to witness your triggers, while eliminating the effect they have on you.

The Worst Thought

Do you ever think about ending your own life?  Do you ever think the world would be better off without you?

Do you want these thoughts to go away?

The Massage Therapy and Meditations I offer help you to befriend your mind and body.

Substance Abuse

Do you rely on alcohol and other substances to get through the day?
What if you could cope without these substances?
What if you could go about your daily life, keep a job and cope without these substances?
I offer Massage Therapy and Meditation services that help you to befriend your body and mind.

I don't trust others

Do you find it difficult to trust others, even your loved ones?  When somebody you know promises to do something for you, do you find yourself doubting that they will follow through?

Beyond the part of you that doesn’t trust others is a state of absolute bliss.  The Massage Therapy and Meditation services I offer will take you there!

Always on Edge

Do you find yourself constantly paying close attention to your surroundings?  Are you always on edge?  Do you find it difficult to relax?

Do you want a life that isn’t dictated by always being on edge?

The Massage Therapy and Meditation services I offer help to foster a better relationship with your life and the world around you.

Coping with Responding

Are you an overwhelmed First Responder?  Have you seen things you would rather forget?

Would you like some help before you reach the boiling point?

The Massage Therapy and Meditation services I offer help to foster a better relationship with your life and the world around you.

Coping with Shooting Incidents

Have you been effected by a violent incident involving shootings in a public place?

Would you like some help feeling safe in your body again?

The Massage Therapy and Meditation services I offer help to foster a better relationship with your life and the world around you.

Testimonials from satisfied customers!

“Today I did the tuning fork healing with Mark and I will be recommending it to all my friends! I saw colors, my third eye opened, I felt healing in my heart center where it was much needed! Not only was it relaxing but it was a totally new experience in sound and vibrational healing. Thank you so much Mark! I’ll be sending people your way!!!”  M.Q., Westminster, CO

“I’ve gone to a few of Mark’s guided meditations. He is gifted, relaxing and I always end up with new insights during the meditation. He is an intuitive, caring man. Also the sound therapy he does with tuning forks is relaxing & uplifting. He has a great new office in Wheatridge & the meditation room is really nice! Can’t wait for the next meditation. This Saturday, I’ll be there!”  V.I., Littleton, CO

Call or text 303 819 0097 or simply tell me how I can help you.

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Vital and Touching Stories

Massage therapy for Joggers

The weather in the Denver area is generally sunny and pleasant, and many people like to get out and enjoy the weather.
Some choose to do this on bicycles, or with hiking, or with water sports, and others choose jogging. What does jogging do to the body?
The most obvious part of the body effected by jogging would be the legs, or what is medically called the lower extremities, so it’s very easy to focus there, but there are other parts of the body effected as well.

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Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Massage Therapy in Denver

Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Syndrome actually have quite a bit in common. This often leads to difficulty in diagnosis, which is why you should always consult a doctor.

Both conditions often involve slurred speech patterns, which makes it difficult to understand what the patient is saying.
They also both involve tremors in the muscles and involuntary, spastic movements of the limbs. This often includes numbness in the limbs, which in the legs or lower extremities translates to a sense of unsteadiness or a lack of balance. This is why people with either condition often end up in a wheelchair. Both conditions lead to problems with the elimination system of the body, so these people often have problems with their bowels and/or bladders. And both conditions often lead to a sense of depression.

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Massage and Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder, which means it’s the body attacking itself.
Nerve cells, especially the ones in the brain, have an extension coming off of them which sends neurotransmitters to another nerve cell. That’s how they communicate. That extension is generally insulated with a substance called “myelin.” If the body attacks the myelin, corrodes it, or eliminates it altogether, it’s like removing the insulation around an electrical wire, and it makes the nervous system go haywire.
Early symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis often involve vision problems.
There’s a pain in the eyes, blurry vision; an inability to see bright colors, so colors appear dull. Also sometimes these people experience dysesthesia, which is a numbness or tingling, or a feeling like an electric shock being sent into the extremities.

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