If you’ve never received a professional Massage before, you probably have questions: How do we go about this? What’s going to happen? I would be glad to demystify that for you.

Your first step would be to fill out a health history form, also called an intake. Mine looks like this, it’s two sided, it’s comprehensive and it’s confidential, which is a term I don’t use lightly. This form is protected by privacy laws. That means that nobody else gets to see it, unless I am compelled by a court of law, like if I were under a subpoena; or if you signed a release to allow me to share it with another health care professional, like your doctor. Generally speaking, the more information I have, the more I can help you.
I would email this form to you, you would print it out, fill it out by hand and bring it in with you to your first massage. We would spend just a few minutes going over the form, so I have a general idea of what’s going on with your body, and we would then proceed to the massage.

How we would do this is: I would step out of the room to allow you to disrobe to your comfort level.

Generally speaking, the more you take off the more I can help you. I keep you covered up at all times, except for the area that I’m working. Like I might expose your back to work your back. I don’t expose buttocks or genitals, I don’t expose the groin area on anybody, I don’t expose a woman’s chest. I would use a variety of modalities, which are ways of working with the body, for our allotted time, after which I would step out of the room and allow you to get dressed. You would then open the door when you were done getting dressed. This allow me to provide for your privacy and modesty. After that, we would simply take care of your payment, and schedule you for your next session, and you could get on with your day. I can be reached at 303.819.0097. Thanks for watching, I hope to see you soon.

My office is in a suburb of Denver, Colorado called Wheat Ridge.  I can be reached at 303.819.0097.

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