Many people have been angry lately; maybe you’re one of them. People who are consistently angry or enraged over a long period of time develop a condition called Outrage Fatigue in Broomfield, Colorado.

Now this is different from Compassion Fatigue, which comes from caring all the time. Compassion Fatigue wears you down; Outrage Fatigue beats you down until you’ve reached the point of complete apathy; you just can’t care any more.
So how do we counteract this?
Well, there’s something to be said for catharsis; there’s something to be said for expressing yourself to like minded people. Posting your thoughts openly to social media is ill advised. This often leads to haters, and people who want to argue with you; it’s an experience I’ve had myself. So if you’re going to use social media, it’s probably best to use private messaging for that.

It’s a good idea to focus on one single cause, so you don’t get overwhelmed in Broomfield, Colorado.

It’s also a good idea to develop a gratitude practice. There’s always something for which we can be grateful. Some people write it down, put it in a jar, and save it for later.
Another good strategy is self care, whatever that looks like to you. Some people soak in a warm bath, some people go out in nature, I find walking a dog to be soothing; I don’t know why. But the important thing to do is to make that appointment with yourself and keep that appointment. It’s like an appointment with your doctor, it’s very important. So make an appointment with yourself and keep that appointment.
I’m also available for those of you who are having Outrage Fatigue. I have several modalities that can help you with this. I can be reached at 303.819.0097. Thanks for watching, hope to hear from you soon.

I will visit your home or office in and around Broomfield, Colorado and the surrounding Denver Metro area.  For Massage Therapy from a practitioner who understands Outrage Fatigue, call 303.819.0097.

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