Sexual Assault is a very prevalent in our culture in Broomfield, Colorado.

Statistically speaking, one out of every four women and one in every six men has been sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime. What that means is this: Out of all the people you know, regardless of gender identification, one out of every six has been raped, maybe more, which when you think about it is really quite staggering. Why is this? Sexual assault is very prevalent in our society because of something called “rape culture.”

“Rape culture” is a set of norms, a set of rules under which “boys will be boys,” and women who are assaulted were “asking for it.”

Think about it. When you see a story in the news about somebody reporting a sexual assault, people turn immediately towards victim blaming. “What was she wearing? Was she dressed provocatively? Was she flirting? Did she ask for this?”
Rape culture would have us believe that sexual assault is inevitable. I don’t accept that. I think that’s ridiculous.

Sexual assault shatters lives. Let’s put an end to this “rape culture” thing in Broomfield, Colorado.

Healing our society is going to require us to change the way we think about these things. It’s going to require us to introduce the opposite of rape culture. There’s a few different perspectives on what constitutes the opposite of rape culture.

Some say the opposite of rape culture is consent culture, where you inquire openly as to somebody’s boundaries instead of assuming where they are. I’ve been known to ask somebody “is it OK if I put my hand on your shoulder?” And if she says “no,” I keep my hands to myself. It’s not difficult. That’s just a different way of thinking. Inquiring as to somebody’s boundaries, and respecting them, wherever they may be, would be consent culture.

I say it’s possible to take that a step further. I say the true opposite of rape culture is nurturance culture. What if we were to take care of each other in Broomfield, Colorado?

If you see a woman passed out drunk, maybe you could keep her safe until the authorities arrive, instead of turning a blind eye, as many of us do,. This is how we combat rape culture.
If you have other suggestions for how to combat rape culture, I would love to read your comments. Thanks for watching.

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