Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pretty common these days; it seems that many people a lot of time on the computer in Broomfield, Colorado.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome effects the median nerve, which travels through this part of the wrist, called the anterior aspect of the wrist. The median nerve comes up into the palm of the hand and innervates this part of your hand, especially these two fingers in the thumb so it effects your grip strength. How does this happen? Take a look at this picture. In the upper section of the picture to the right you see the carpal bones, and above them is the Carpal Tunnel. The Median Nerve is the little yellow section which is surrounded by the tendons of the muscles that go into the palm of your hand.

These are gripping muscles, also called flexors. What they do is cause your hand to grip.

When they develop tendonitis they expand and there’s nowhere for the inflammation to go, so they expand into the connective tissue which presses on the median nerve. This is treatable; there is a surgery which does not have a very high success rate. If you’re having these feelings, or know someone who does, contact me and we’ll get you some help.

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