I did a video a while ago about abusive relationships and why a woman who’s in an abusive relationship doesn’t just get up and leave Broomfield, Colorado.

I’ll put a link to that video in the box below this video. In any event, I mentioned there were a few factors in keeping her there: First and foremost, her support system has been cut off, she has been isolated from friends and family who could help her escape. Another factor is something called Stockholm Syndrome. In Stockholm syndrome there is a sense of empathy towards the abuser. This all began back in 1973. This term was coined the end of 6 day bank siege in Stockholm, Sweden.
First the hostages were faced with an immediate threat to their lives after which they developed a sense of being very infantile in terms of needing to have permission to use the bathroom, permission to eat, permission to move across the floor. This then devolved into a sense of empathy towards their captors. Now this also happens in abuse. In hostage situations, which most abusive relationships basically are, there’s a sense of empathy and affection that develops by the abused towards the abuser.

This is really for her self preservation. This empathy enables her to keep herself safe by keeping the abuser placated in Broomfield, Colorado.

Figuring out what he needs, and meeting those needs, so she can minimize her own abuse. You might know someone who is in a relationship like that. Do you know somebody who is always defending her spouse, right or wrong? Even if you think she’s being abused, do you think she finds a way to justify it? This could be Stockholm Syndrome, and I hope that you’ll find a way to get her some help. Contact your local Safehouse organization and find some counseling for her. You can even contact me, and I’ll try to connect you with resources in your area.
So Stockholm Syndrome is basically a sense of empathy and affection towards the abuser; it’s relatively easy to spot. If you do, I hope you’ll help your friend to get some help. Thanks for watching.

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