Mission:  To effect positive change in the world by restoring hope where there was only despair; to use the art of compassionate touch to bring the abused, who yearn for a safe touch experience, back home to their bodies.

Inspiration often comes from unexpected sources.  I was called to this profession by a magazine article about Massage Therapy for survivors of Domestic Violence.  These clients, who obviously had a limited experience with safe touch, would receive from a female therapist for some time, then “graduate” to a male therapist.  To be that male therapist is a privilege, and an honor that I don’t take lightly.  I graduated with Honors from the prestigious Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1998; since then I have had great success working with survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and even Incest.  I also trained as a yoga teacher at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health to address the disembodiment which haunts many of these people.  My training in Cranial-Sacral Therapy has enhanced my ability to provide a safe touch experience to these people.

I have also helped people who had been in automobile accidents, and have addressed neurovascular compression syndromes such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Piriformis Syndrome.  I have also addressed hyperextension/hyperflexion cervical spine strain, commonly called “whiplash,” and closed head injuries.  How can I help YOU today?

Call or text me at 303.819.0097 or email vitaltouch108@gmail.com.